Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Top 7 Roles in Movies that really changed Cinema

A Blog I haven't published since 2008. I was planning for a top 10, but never really got to it. So publishing it as seven.

The Top 7 (not 10!) Roles in Movies that really changed Cinema (Or at least my point of view towards it):

7. V ( V for Vendetta, 2005) .. The True image of the man in the Guy Fawkes mask who lived in totalitarian society, we never saw. And yet, we knew so much about him. The voiceover by Hugo Weaving was nevertheless awesome, and with the Wachowski brothers he brings certain knack of creating characters we can never forget. (Citation: Mr. Smith, The Matrix)

6. Derek Vinyard (American History X, 1998) .. A complete change of character of a character and how. Played by the ever-so-surprising Edward Norton, and by far his best performance in a movie according to me. (Most say it was fight club)

5. Joker (The Dark Knight, 2008) .. A role, which lead to a depression the actor could never come out of which eventually led to his death. Heath Ledger as the manic obsessive and irritative, playing the most hated batman villian to such perfection, you cannot choose to not hate the character. RIP, Ledger. You left behind the most perfect villian role ever played.

4. Lt. Vincent Hanna, Neil McCauley ( Heat, 1995) .. 2 men. 2 of the greatest actors on the planet. One is a thief, the other's a cop. Adrenaline in overdrive, Al Pacino and Robert De Niro, competed and pulled scenes better -- one after the other, leaving the audience stunned as to who's role was stronger. I, still, haven't reached to that conclusion. Till date.

3. King Leonidas (300, 2006) .. Frank Miller creations are usually out of this world, but even if you ignore the graphically enhanced pictures of the characters, you cannot ignore the amazing dailogue delivery and emotions potrayed by Gerard Butler, pretty much an unknown before the movie. Came. Saw. Conquered.

2. Don Corleone (The Godfather, 1976)/ Michael Corleone (The Godfather 2, 1979) .. When people told me that the godfather is one of the single most greatest creations at hollywood, I was a little taken aback. Until I actually saw the movie. Every expression done with sheer brilliance, and the evolution of Al Pacino.

1. Travis Bickle (Taxi Driver, 1980) .. Remember the 2 and a half minute single shot in front of the mirror, Robert De Niro pulls out his gun, talking to himself. "You talking to me, son?" Trivia: He did that all by himself. No script, just cameras rolling. No go watch the scene again.


Melkor said...

I've only seen 4 out of these 7 movies. :/
But hey, you finally wrote a blog post!

AppuApe said...

Edward Norton's best in a movie if u care for my opinion is - Aaron (Primal Fear)!